Data Warehouse Interview Questions
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can BO generate reports with out CUBICAL data to repository?

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what is main functional differences between BO and COGNOs?


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hi Here ive question on Reportnet when we save a report in reportstudio with what ext it save


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SAS System ?

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sas macros

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how to test reports in businessobjects?


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What is source qualifier?

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Difference between DSS & OLTP?


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Explain grouped cross tab?


Hierarchy of DWH?

Accenture, iFlex, IBM, EDS, TCS,

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How many repositories can we create in Informatica?


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What is surrogate key?


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What is difference between Mapplet and reusable transformation?


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What is aggregate awareness?

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Explain reference cursor?


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------------- How to identify the Revenue Column in Report?


Hi, I saw one mapping implemented by my seniors . In Expression transformation they implemented following logic. That is iif(is_date(in_UC_DATINV,'YYYYMMDD'),to_date(in_UC_DATINV,'Y YYYMMDD'),'Inventory Date is either invalid or null') Inventory_Date is validated only for is_date() But not validated for notisnull() . But error says “ either invalid or null “ why? Whether is_date() also check for not isnull() ? or in this logic something is different ? Please answer me . Advance thanks


1)I have createcd a dashboard on Bex query. How to refresh the Dashboard without hitting the bex query? 2)What is Event based scheduling in BO? 3) How to display the BO webi report title using a function? 4) For eg in my webi report iam having a person name like Jhon Peter Adam. But i need to get only the middle name of the person like Peter. What function is used in Webi to get this?


whats the difference between previous version of cognos and cognos 8 BI?


Tell e how how dealt with..


what are the reporting tools and difference between them?


for data loading in oracle, what are conventional loading , what are conventional loading and direct-path loading?


In which scenario did you used pushdown optimization?


How we can create SAS USER DEFINED CODE?


I have 3 years of work experience at a startup and recently got certified in Data Science with SAS. I need to know how to get into the analytics industry


what is granularity,what type of granularity we will take in fact tables either lowlevel or highlevel,if two tables having same granularity that is posiable or not


Informatica server and client are in different machines. You run the session from the server manager by specifying the source and target databases. It displays error . You are confident that everything is correct. Then why it is displaying the error?


how do you deploy a report in cognos 8 to run in maximo6? what r the steps in maximo??


How to do Performence Tunning in Cognos Reports?


Hi, Please tell me how to solve this scenario in datastage ? Here we have 3 columns in a table TEST CODE,ENTRY DATE and BATCH The table looks like CODE ENTRYDATE BATCH 100 100716 1 100 100716 1 100 100716 1 200 122517 2 200 122517 2 302 555555 8 302 555555 8 302 555555 8 We need to create a seqno on grouping these 3 columns. The result should be like this. CODE ENTRYDATE BATCH SEQNO 100 100716 1 1 100 100716 1 2 100 100716 1 3 200 122517 2 1 200 122517 2 2 302 555555 8 1 302 555555 8 2 302 555555 8 3