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can i anyone tell me how to use copybooks in cobol    0  12
I am reading a file in CL program. and MONMSG CPF0864 has arrived means EOF has arrived. Now i want to read this file again. How i can do this?    3  35
in RTVMBRD  where you will find no.of records....(i mean in which attribute)?    1  19
what are the ARRAY operations in    rpg/400?    1  14
difference between   wrkobj &  dspobjd?    1  17
stmts affected by activation group?    1  13
what is RUNSQLSTM?    1  16
write a query to get  RRN  value from rpg?    1  12
can we use already existing access path?    1  17
What do you mean by ODP?    1  20
how do you turn off indicators 50 through 59 in only one operation    1  21
how do you detect unused spool storage?    0  15
how do we know batch job aborted after we submitting it    1  13
does we use case stmt in cl    0  11
how many key fields does cl required    1  25
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Un-Answered Questions
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by using xpeditor if i want to debug the sub pgm ? how canu code in xped for main pgm and sub pgm ? wht is the debugging process ? 1091
what is the responsibility of the construction superintendent 390
how do you bind the cobol with db2 801
i made it to stage 3 of an interview process wednessday they will quiz my knowledge again face to face for an analyst role recruiter said it will be based on Business requirements system is cobol and good ideas what they might ask etc 810
How can I try out PL/I? 22
In all our JOB Statement we have always COND=(4,LT) defined. Nevertheless when a Job failed the last step should then be executed (send a message to an user). Due to we don't like to change all our JOB's (ca. 2000), we are looking for a simply solution. 80
What tools are available in PL/1? 24
how to refer the data field? 388
How to test SQL -911 error while developing COB-DB2 program 3305
What are the error (ONCODES) codes did you encounter in PL/1 programme? 928
Mainframe project required Postby mache123 » Thu Jan 29, 2009 9:10 pm hello..... I want to know about some real time projects.If any one have any Mainframes project, please provide me documentation of it Or else give me the link where can I find that Mainframes projects with Documentation...... or suggest me any if......please 902
HOW to change the coloumns in XREF? 457
What does a ROLLBACK do? 16
Q:HI friends accually ihave one problem plesase let me know the alternate code of this code. Related field description of code: Add a field, CALvsPRD, "Calendar Day Starts Before/After Production Day" to the parameter set WRKORDER which accepts values 'A' or 'B' o B = Calendar Day Starts Before Production Day o A = Calendar Day Starts After Production Day o Any other value indicates the production and calendar dates are always the same. code: Automatic Execution Of *INZSR Subroutine /Z01 * retrieves WRKORDER field values. /Z01 * Calculate default Production Date and return it to caller. /Z01 * Production date defaults to system date /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate = %DATE() /Z01 * unless Calendar date starts Before PDN(production) date and /Z01 * system time is before PDN Start Time then /Z01 * PDN date is yesterday. /Z01 C If W@CALvsPRD = 'B' and /Z01 C %TIME() < %TIME (W@Strtime) /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate -= %Day(1) /Z01 * unless Calendar date starts After PDN date and /Z01 * system time is *GE PDN(production) Start Time then /Z01 * PDN date is tomorrow. /Z01 C ElseIf W@CALvsPRD = 'A' and W@Strtime > *Zero and /Z01 C %TIME() >= %TIME (W@STrtime) /Z01 C Eval P@Pdate += %Day(1) /Z01 C EndIf /Z01 C Eval *InLr = *On 571
WHICH REPLY CODE IS USED BT sftp ? ... (e.g.226 is used by FTP IF FILE IS TRANSFERED) 493
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