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what is error handling concepts in cl    1  8
what is exception and how many types of exception    0  6
what is EXCEPT command in rpg and use    0  6
what is open data base command    0  5
what is dynslt and why we use that command when do we use command    0  5
wirte a simple program for read file in cl    0  5
what is general and type of general    0  5
what is multiple member pf    0  6
What is symbol table in assembler?    1  38
Is it possible to access some memory location (Ex: VAR1 DS P) without using Base Displacement?    0  18
I have put two write operations in a single para for two different conditions.Will that lead to an abend or run successfully and write two records?    1  49
is step name is compulsory in jcl ?    2  55
I have to execute 12000 CL Commands one by one.. So, I have created a file called COMMAND. This file has only 1 field called STRING. This file had 12000 records, and all these records are CL Commands (ex: CALL PGM(PGM1)), etc) I have written a CL which will read all the record and do sbmjob.. But it is not working... Plz help me to exexute all these 12000 commands..    0  32
How to copy VSAM files without using REPRO    1  59
in rpg could u please tell me errors types and meanings like 3030 that ....    1  74
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Un-Answered Questions
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IF I mention stop run in CICS what happens? 506
1) SORT FIELDS=(20,4,CH,D,10,3,CH,D) OUTREC FIELDS=(7:20,4,C' FUTURE ',20,2,10,3,1Z,1,9,13,7, 24,57,TRAN=LTOU,6X'FF') This example illustrates how a fixed-length input data set can be sorted and reformatted for output. The SORTIN LRECL is 80 bytes. The reformatted output records are fixed length with a record size of 103 bytes. SOLRF (the IBM-supplied default) is in effect, so unless the SORTOUT LRECL is specified or available, it will automatically be set to the reformatted record length of 103. in the above example i have some doubts that a) sort fields=(20,4,CH,D,10,3,CH,D) -what exactly it does and this fields related to output record fields or input record fields b)outrec used to refprmat the records after sorting that means could please reply me as soon as possible Thanks. Venkat 3199
How to find out the closest prime number of an input number? I believe it has something to do with SEARCH and COBOL Linear Array. 1469
I want to declare the number of elements of an array dynamically in RPGLE ? Is it possible? If yes, then how do I do it ? 1801
We can use PASS with permanent datasets also. THEN Which is the condition in which we may use PASS (instead of KEEP) with permanent data sets, while there is no need to specify UNIT and VOL for them like temporary data sets (in cas we use KEEP for permanent data sets) ? 441
what is the responsibility of the construction superintendent 410
Explain the difference between record occurrence and record type? 32
suppose program A is calling program B, at a time A will send 100 records but it has to send 500 records. how it will possible? 519
What are the types of Signature validation? 629
how do u start your process after conducting impact analysis ? 455
DB2 can implement a join in three ways using a merge join, a nested join or a hybrid join. Explain the differences? 1060
when SE37 SB37 and sd37 occurs how to increase the volume , primary quantity and secondary quantity? 555
I have a subprogram B calling from mainprogram A.I have opened a cursor in A ,Can i fetch the same cursor in subprogram B , If yes , Please explain the reason? 601
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