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How to copy VSAM files without using REPRO    0  2
in rpg could u please tell me errors types and meanings like 3030 that ....    0  13
i have two programs 1.cobol program 2.copy book program can i move bouth program in to the production or single single program?    0  12
can i use unique key in LF    0  12
can i use UPDDTA command in rpg program in which contains a file    0  13
how to eliminate the level check error    0  11
what is use of self join and which cases you will use this join    0  12
how to insert the data in pf by using cl program    0  14
which are the parameters mandatory in job card ?    0  50
how to update asingle record in adabas? by using GET, can we do a single record updation?    0  22
Can we change the password using ALTER? anyone tried and changed?    0  35
Whats the use of Examine command? can someone help me?    0  27
COBOL program to read the string ' BOMBAY' in reverse order as 'YABMOB'    4  136
what is the another name of lpar's    1  209
Program A (Normal COBBAT) calling a B Program (DB2COBOL, COBBATDB which is using a VSAM file. its a dynamic call. How we will handle VSAM file decleration in our from JCL from where we are running A PGM. And should we have PLAN for A pGM also. if possible can some one post a sample JCL. Thanks for help in advance.    0  137
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Un-Answered Questions
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write a program to read from a VSAM file , there will be a 5 records to create name. empno. resignation and address to update in a db2 table and call another program using dynamic call to find the matching fields in program 1 to update in db2 table. anybody pls send de program for dis ? thanks in advance... 887
what is s000 u4087 error? please give the all error codes in cobol,jcl. 5842
How do get the result of your program directly on your pc? 467
how can we can we the data decimal error?how can we open such file in support 662
what is u r recent task in insurence project?..plz tell how to tell this. 1611
What are the different options in OPTIONS? 27
Hi Viewers can any body explain me how to update and ahange the already existed data in physical file using subfile ? please explain me with the code if possible? 1520
is their a difference in cobol400 for the release 5.2 and 6.1 at the as400. 763
1) SORT FIELDS=(20,4,CH,D,10,3,CH,D) OUTREC FIELDS=(7:20,4,C' FUTURE ',20,2,10,3,1Z,1,9,13,7, 24,57,TRAN=LTOU,6X'FF') This example illustrates how a fixed-length input data set can be sorted and reformatted for output. The SORTIN LRECL is 80 bytes. The reformatted output records are fixed length with a record size of 103 bytes. SOLRF (the IBM-supplied default) is in effect, so unless the SORTOUT LRECL is specified or available, it will automatically be set to the reformatted record length of 103. in the above example i have some doubts that a) sort fields=(20,4,CH,D,10,3,CH,D) -what exactly it does and this fields related to output record fields or input record fields b)outrec used to refprmat the records after sorting that means could please reply me as soon as possible Thanks. Venkat 3145
Name a few IBM utility programs, and explain its function. 1388
How to Clear a Query Using the RESET Command ? 26
what is the difference between call and ++call? 858
Name and explain the three location modes? 28
How to Save a Query? 32
How do you get the data to code the BMS macro? 250
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