How do you establish working relationships with new people?

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Answer / naren

By friendly nature and knowledge transfer

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Answer / abdul

Moving with them in a frendly manner, helping them whenever
they need my help so that i can learn their experience,
idea, views & thoughts

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Answer / irshad

with good communication

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Answer / preti

by discussing the problems arised in my team with my team
members/collegues n if not solved vl ask help from higher
authorities.not only 1 prob in evry such aspect where evry
team member participationis exchanging my
knowledge with co motivating people aroung me
n by keeping good relationship with my boss

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Answer / mnckishore

Through motivation.

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Answer / asmita

It takes a warm smile and a continuous knowledge exchange
with like minded people for me to establish a healthy
working relationship with them

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Answer / richard

By team work. Start by learning the best
techniques/procedures needed to perform the role. Always be
friendly and take an interest in personal likes and

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Answer / samuel david dhas

By appreciating their works.

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Answer / niyaz ahmad

Give profit in commodity as compare to your competitors and give an idea to make your business large..

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Answer / mythili

I wil have a good relationship with my collegue and i wil
try to learn their experience officially...and i used to
ask the decision to my senior person before proceeding
certain important issues..........The reationship should be
good among the collegues o/w we wil think our work is so

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