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what is the purpose of vector group in a transformer ? if 2
tranaformers r connected in parallel the vector group is
same or not?
for parallel operation 2 transformers of different
manufacturers maintain same vector group or not?

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what is the purpose of vector group in a transformer ? if 2 tranaformers r connected in parallel t..

Answer / imran

There are normally four vector groups weriten on generator
name plate, DY0, DY11, DY1 and DY6. DY means delta on H.V
and Y on L.V side. the number with this means the phase
displacement between input and output. 0 means no phase
displacement, 1 means -30 degree and 11 means 30degree and
6 means 180 degree it is according to the clock
revolution.vector group must b same for parallet operation.

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what is the purpose of vector group in a transformer ? if 2 tranaformers r connected in parallel t..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

Vector group of CTs is widely used in numerical relays to
compare primary and secondary currents without regard to
the circuit of the transformer

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what is the purpose of vector group in a transformer ? if 2 tranaformers r connected in parallel t..

Answer / yusuf

Totally 36 vector groups are available
for {e.x} DYN11
D-primary delta connection
Y-secondary star connection
N-star point neutral
11-clock position[30 degree phase displacement between the pry and sec.
For synchronize two TFR vector group must be same.

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