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why neutral grounding transformer is used for generator and
why it is not used for transformers?

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why neutral grounding transformer is used for generator and why it is not used for transformers?..

Answer / tanvir s.

As far as i understand Neutral Grounding Transformer are used to Ground the both transformers as well as Generators. NGT is applicable (useful) in transformers/generators with delta connection. So during line-to-earth faults, the NGT helps the zero sequence current to flow in the ground. Any unbalance in the load distribution between the three phases is passed thru the neutral, which is not available in case of delta connection. Hence the NGT.

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why neutral grounding transformer is used for generator and why it is not used for transformers?..

Answer / sunil kumar sinha

Neutral grounding transformer is used to limit earthfault
currentof generator. It also provide Generator earthfault
protection, both alarm and trippingby connecting voltage
relay across the secondary winding of NGT.

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