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What are some of the measurements that may be used to
determine the success of the program?

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What are some of the measurements that may be used to determine the success of the program? ..

Answer / sajini

First thing as said in previous answer the demand &
requirement knowledge is very important. Also the
availability of resources and time management are equally
important. Secondly the designing of plan,keeping in mind
the resources and time available. Finally the proper
execution of the plan.
If working in a team,then timely motivation and involvement
of all team members are essential.
The team members should be briefed on all aspects of the
programme well before and their role should be well defined
to avoid any confusion in between.
As a team leader a check on the execution of plan from start
to end is a must and nothing should taken as granted.

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What are some of the measurements that may be used to determine the success of the program? ..

Answer / guest

For the Success of any Program the first and foremost thing
wud be forecasting its demand and requirement.Once you can
conclude the demand and you need to plan a theoritical
picture and try to implement it within the org.So dat u can
understand the do and don't.

These Answer wud be very long so iam writing very briefly
about it.

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