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how we can varying the speed of dc motor ?

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how we can varying the speed of dc motor ?..

Answer / jude finney

speed of the motor can be varied in two methods
1)by armature voltage control method
2)by field voltage control method

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how we can varying the speed of dc motor ?..

Answer / m raviteja

by varying the armature resistance and field resistance

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how we can varying the speed of dc motor ?..

Answer / uma

speed of dc motor can be varied by using v/f control. that
is either by changing the armature voltage or frequency.

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how we can varying the speed of dc motor ?..

Answer / akhilesh

Please use DC Drive

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how we can varying the speed of dc motor ?..

Answer / hm

@ uma : What is the concept of frequency in DC supply ??

dc motor speed can be varried by
1. armature voltage control
2. field flux control

also u can control speed by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) by
varying the duty cycle.

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how we can varying the speed of dc motor ?..

Answer / ganguly

there are two types of speed control for dc motor

1. armature control method
by connecting the additional resistance to the armature,
but this will use below rated seeds only
2.field controlmethod
by connecting the resistance to the field
but this will use above rated speeds only

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