why generator and t/f ratings given in kva?

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why generator and t/f ratings given in kva? ..

Answer / sujit

Genaraly we signify ratings for any machines in terms of the
losses that the particular machne causes. So in transformer
generaly 2 types of losses can be occured those are cupper
loss and core losses. Where core loss is in terms of Voltage
and copper loss is in terms of current. So to calculate the
rating of a Generator or T/F we consider these 2 terms
Voltage and Current so we consider ratings in VA ( KVA ).

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why generator and t/f ratings given in kva? ..

Answer / nidhi

as active power supplied is in kW . but we don't know its
power factor of the load that will be connected to that
generator or transformer. VICos(angle). so we can
calculate it through voltage and current only (V*I) at the
secondary or primary .not by the (VICos(angle))

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