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what is the difference between KVAR & KVA ?

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what is the difference between KVAR & KVA ?..

Answer / s.arunkumar

KVA: For transformer the rating will be mentioned in KVA
b'coz real power are expressed in terms of voltage and
current not dependent on powerfactor.

KVAR: It is reactive apparant power ie., kVAr=kW*TAN PI

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what is the difference between KVAR & KVA ?..

Answer / bindu

KVAR-Kilo Volt Ampere Reactive, it is mentioned for
Capacitor rating.
KVA-Kilo Volt Ampere,it is mentioned for Generator rating.

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what is the difference between KVAR & KVA ?..

Answer / ganapati

KVAR= Ractive power
KVA= Apperant power

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what is the difference between KVAR & KVA ?..

Answer / nkwocha obinna

KW = V*I*cos theta
KVAR = V*I*sine theta
kw is the real power
kva is the apparent power
kvar is the reactive power

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what is the difference between KVAR & KVA ?..

Answer / arun

kva is apparant pawer which is used for transformer or generator rating
while kvar is reactive power kilo volt ampere reactive it does not do any work in the circuit only moves forth and back .
m i wrong ?
if yes suggest correct answer

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what is the difference between KVAR & KVA ?..

Answer / venkatesh

from power triangle we have kva^2=kw^2+kvar^2

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what is the difference between KVAR & KVA ?..

Answer / anand

KVAR is the reactive power utilised by the generators,
transformers, motors for producing magnetic flux
KW (true power) is the actual power or true power that
performs actual work
KVA ( Apparent power)is the vector summation of KW+KVAR

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what is the difference between KVAR & KVA ?..

Answer / sudheer

kvar= kw/ sin.theta

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what is the difference between KVAR & KVA ?..

Answer / shriram gaur

this is used for measureing the total power fed into the
ckt, so generally used in defining the rating of the
transformer, also independent of PF.

KVAR - sqrt((KVA*KVA)-(KW*KW))
This is the correct relationship between the all three

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what is the difference between KVAR & KVA ?..

Answer / jobmonjacob

3 phase needs a neutral for tapping 230V

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