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What is fault.?

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What is fault.?..

Answer / sahil1996chopra

Undesireable change in othr aplliance

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What is fault.?..

Answer / raju bhai

any undesirable change

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Differenc between the resistance and resisters?

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Classify the different types of load.

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some ac motor's direction get change dueto ghanging input to the ac drives.(say ryb to rby). but some motor direction remains the same when phase sequence is changed fromdive side. can anybody guide me?

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3 Answers   Cesco, NTPC, RRB,

How to calculate no of EARTH PIT? Describe the formula as per IS standard?

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Why is a thicker conductor necessary to carry a current in compared to D.C. ?

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there is a power transformer 66/11kV in delta-delta connection has 5 feeder coming out from the secondary side. One of the feeder in it normally loaded (loaded than other feeder)and this feeder usually trips with double OCR causing the bank transformer to trip. Now if the load of this feeder is put on other transformer then that no problems occurs on that transformer or the load. However normally all the test(IR, PI, short ckt, open ckt,grounding test and other ) has been conducted for this but evertything transformer..... I am not geting what is the actual problem...

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why nutral and earthing wire connect with each other in main panel board.?

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what is standard height of an energy meter from ground?

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how to avoid electrical shock how capacitor store charges wat are the speed control of induction motors state faradays law flemings left hand rule what is rotary converter wat is transmission and distribution what are the sources of energy abrevation of acb,vcb,sf6,igbt what is output equation of transformer which test copper iron and iron loss are calculated what is eddy current draw a single line diagram (10 marks) draw direct online starter(10 marks)

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what is residuel magnetism

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difference btw neutral and ground?

2 Answers   ERG,

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