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HSL Interview Questions
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What is metering cubical? What is the use?

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What are safety seals?

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What is PF? Formula for calculating PF in HT side?

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What is Transformer?

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What are the types of Transformer? Name them.

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Which Transformer is commonly used for power distribution?

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What is HT? And specify the range of voltage?

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What is LT? And specify the range of voltage?

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Which level of the Transformer oil got dielectric strengh? And why?


What is AVR? Explain the function AVR?

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What is the safety protection? Name the protections of Transformer?

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Make a list observation on Transformer?


How many earthings are required for commissioning the Transformer?

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Name the earthings?

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What is the acceptable earth resistance for Commissioning the Transformer?

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