why we avoid parallel operation of diesl generator?

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why we avoid parallel operation of diesl generator?..

Answer / goodwhisher

to lokesh

this site is very good for good engineers,please dont spoil
it please,it's no a funny matter.
dont answare if you dont know,please.

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why we avoid parallel operation of diesl generator?..

Answer / johnson m.c.

1) Potential of both alternators must be equal. Both must
have same output voltage.
2) Phase sequences of both the alternators must be same.
The RYB phases of one alternator must
be connected the RYB phases of the other alternator.
3) Frequency of both the alternators must be equal. If one
alternator is operating at a frequency of 49
Hz and the other one is delivering voltage at 51 Hz, then
load on the second alternator would be
more. We have to increase the speed of the prime mover of
the first alternator in order to effect a
match in frequencies.
4) Phase angle of voltages of the two alternators must not
be more than 10 degrees.
5) During manual operation of synchronization, the load
could witness kick (which is a peak of
current). This kick could burn the alternators on the load.
The only solution is the use of automatic
synchronisation equipment. However, expert engineers could
close the CB of the second
alternator when the difference of phase angle between the
two voltages is 2 degrees.
6) The alternators must share loads with respect to their
7) The alternators must have similar voltage drooping
8) The engines of the alternators must have similar
governor characteristics;

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why we avoid parallel operation of diesl generator?..

Answer / rajanikant

lokesh why you want to spoil this site this is very good
site for engineers

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why we avoid parallel operation of diesl generator?..

Answer / lokesh ranjith

because in parallel operation when electricity fails all Dg
sets will gets on even if the load is less also
There will be more diesel consumption
if we run the dgsetd solo mode we can give 80% load can get
goog efficiency

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