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what is meant by power factor ?

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what is meant by power factor ?..

Answer / silamparasan p.

POwer Factor is a cos angle between Voltage and current.

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what is meant by power factor ?..

Answer / paramesh

real power /Uperant power is called PF

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what is meant by power factor ?..

Answer / saravanan.n

true power/apparent power

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what is meant by power factor ?..

Answer / gautham

power factor is the Cosine of Angle between the Applied
VOltage and current. It directly depends on the Load. If
the load is Inductive then the PF is LAGGING.If the load is
resistive the PF is leading.Power Factor takes value from 0
to 1. Unity Power Factor is the Idealised condition, means
least power dissipated and high effeciency.

It can also be calculated from R/Z and KW/KVA ratings.

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what is meant by power factor ?..

Answer / sudhakar

true power(kw)/apparent power(kva)

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what is meant by power factor ?..

Answer / sree

ration of power utilised and power suppied

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what is meant by power factor ?..

Answer / satish m

It is the ratio of the resistance to impedance.

PF= R/Z.
It is cosine of phase angle between voltage & current.

It can be improved by connecting the capacitors in parallel
to the supply.

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what is meant by power factor ?..

Answer / ibrahim

real powere/Apparent power

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what is meant by power factor ?..

Answer / srinivasan

power factor=real power\apparent power

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what is meant by power factor ?..

Answer / saravanan.n

the power factor of acircuit may be defined as:

(1)the ratio resistance and impedance = r/z

(2)the ratio = watts/voltampers=trepower/apparent
power=V x I x cosQ /V X I

(3)the cosine of the angle of lead or lag current from the
applied voltage

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