We are planning to synchronized DG's with our captive plant in the event of black start of plant, but before sync we checked voltage of DG with our plant voltage and it varies from 5 V to 450 V. So in this condition how we can sync DG with plant ?

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what is difference between DC and Ac

5 Answers   Birla,

What is the distance between the EHV lines and also the distance for earth ??

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132/66kv sub-station procation ?

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why the undervoltage relay's interlock is used in earthswitch closing operation of the 400kV line scheme?

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what type of loads are inductive load & resistive load ?how they different between each other ?

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When Alarm report at LED,Alarm volatge is 11-13 Volt But LED is of 3 volt.then why not it burn?

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sir please send me iocl written test paper in my e-mail account. i'll be obliged to you........ thank u roshan

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According to ohms law voltage proportional to current, then why should current rating is low with high voltage rating in transformer?

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what is the difference between line voltage meter and relays

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On the secondary side of a distribution transformer, we use 1c x 630 sq mm cable. Why dont we use 4 core cables instead of 1 core cables on the secondary. Why we use aluminium cable glands on the outgoing instead of brass cable glands?

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synchronous motor of 13.5MW having which type protection? and how to set relay?give me relay setting calculation for different protection for this motor assume efficiency,power factor and other term if neccecery

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How many distance in distribution pole OR 33Kv line pole

2 Answers   Sail,

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