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plz exlain the dcs system of ABB sympony hamnony

plz exlain the dcs system of ABB sympony hamnony..

Answer / rajkumar

please visit$File/3BDD013039R0001_A_en_Maestro_UX_Overview_(04_02).pdf

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What is the relationship between Sensor

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all types instrumentation questions want

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why the discharge pressure of ID fan showing negative at fan running condition.(boiler operating condition.)

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A length of steel pipe is used to carry sea water to a desalination plant. An adequate corrosion allowance must be specified and indicated in the piping specification, which affects the _________________________ of the pipe

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Type of level transmitter commnly used in Procees area are the following. a.________________This type of level transmitter works as follows

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Speedtronic system .

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What is the difference between precision and repeatability of any instrument. Why it is measured always in percentage

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how to convert transmitter milliamps output to like temp,pressure etc.....

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in my plant 100% feedwater control v/v is air to close but due to instrument air fail,the valve opens but instead of drum level high its get tripped in low low drum level.the urv of level tx is 0 and lrv is -800.pls tell me the reason. for such behaviour.

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how to calibrate load cell

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