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What it indicates by 25/41MVA on transformer?

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What it indicates by 25/41MVA on transformer?..

Answer / abdul nazir

The transformer Full load Capacity is 41 MVA.
Then why 25/41 MVA, Its type of Cooling, UPto 25 MVA one
type of coling, & 25-41MVA another type of cooling.

For example: Upto 25MVA -ONAN(oil natural & air natural)
&above 25- 41MVA-ONAF(oil natural & air forced)

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What it indicates by 25/41MVA on transformer?..

Answer / t eswara rao

25 / 41 MVA rating means that
25MVA rating with normal cooling arrangement.
41MVA rating with special cooling arrangement, like External
cooling fan arrangement for more cooling

For ex: 25MVA with ONAN (Oil Natural & Air Natural)
41MVA with ONAF (Oil Natural & Air Forced)

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What it indicates by 25/41MVA on transformer?..

Answer / abdul nazir

Answer no#2 Are u crazy, where will you represent the
voltage in MVA?

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What it indicates by 25/41MVA on transformer?..

Answer / akshay deep tripathi

25 mva is the primary windig voltage and 41 mva is the
seconry winding voltagr of a transfarmer

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