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Question { 4696 }

At what temperature does the filament of electric bulb glows ?


An electrical current heats the filament to typically 2000 K
to 3300 K (about 3100-5400°F),(1700-3000°C), well below
tungsten's melting point of 3695 K (6192°F).

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Question { Honeywell, 8386 }

if the HR asked to me., you have got 92% in higher
secondary but got only 72% in engg whats the reason??what
should i have to say ..please help me..


Just tell like this, in my school life i was studying well
so i got 92% of marks. But in my college life i was fall in
love with ur daughter(HR manager)so i scored only 72% of
marks only.
Every thing is because of You(HR)

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Question { 4547 }

if receiving voltage is higher than sending ones what will
be the effect of receiver


It will happen only in the transmission lines, when it was
in no-load condition. This is called Ferranti Effect.

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Question { Wipro, 80548 }

What are types of encoders?


only two types of encoder
1) incremental encoder.
2) Absolute encoder. In this Absolute encoder, it had two
1. Mechanical absolute encoder
2. Optical absolute encoder.

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Question { NTPC, 17190 }

what are the types of sus station ?


Only two types.
1. Indoor substation
2. Outdoor substation.

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Question { TCS, 15627 }

AC current is flowing in a wire in your home how can you
measure it(name of the instrument)



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Question { TCS, 15627 }

AC current is flowing in a wire in your home how can you
measure it(name of the instrument)


Ans#14 Energy Meter is used to measure the consumption of

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Question { 4925 }

what do you know about SERVOMOTOR


Servo motor means it will run at a "constant torque in
varable speeds"

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Question { Radiant, 14153 }

in three pin pluge there three pins one is phase and second
is earth third is nutral why nutral high diameter compare
with phase and earth


Earth pin diameter is bigger than phase & neutral, because
conductor area increases its resistance will be reduce, so
fault current will easily flow through this path, this is
the reason why earth pin is bigger than other two pins.

compare to other two pins, the earth pin LENGTH also more,
because every electrical equipment should earth first.
(safety reason).

And also we cant insert(by mistake) the earth pin to phase

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Question { RRB, 43199 }

what is the use of starter in tube light?and what it


Starter is used to help the choke to produce "self
induction". I will explain little briefly.
initially we need 1000v to start the tubelight,so one chohe
was connected series between the tubelight & other end of
the tube light was connected with starter.
In this starter inside it contains one bimetal strip(open
position)& parallel connected with one capacitor,inside the
starter full of argon gases.
initially the supply will go through the choke,tube light &
Already starter inside bimetal strip was in open condition
so supply will not pass it, inside argon gases are present,
so arc will produce between the bimetal strip & it will
close the ciruit(due to heat), so supply will pass throug
it, after then bitmetal stip getting cool and it will open
the contacts.
Immediately the choke gives 1000v due to self induction, so
inside the tube light ionsation was happens & start the light.
why capacitor is used inside the starter? To avoid the Radio
interference.(In our home television or radio is working at
that time if we switch on the tube light little bit noise
will come from the tv or radio, if the capacitor was not
there the noise will be very more this is called radio

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Question { ABB, 27360 }

How to connect frequency meter in metering circuit?(single
phase and three phase frequency meter)phase to phase or
phase to neutral


Same as volt meter connection.
connected parallel with Phase & neutral.

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Question { 10619 }



Ans# 5, go and study again the subjects.
its high tension.

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Question { IBM, 51917 }

Why capacitor bank does not require in DG Set?


If Dg set is running parallel with grid we can adjust the
power factor through excitation, but if it is running in
ideal mode we cant adjust the power factor through
excitation, so we need capacitor bank at that time.

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Question { 46518 }

Why reverse power relay is used?


Normally reverse power relay is used for generator side.
when ever we will synchronise the generator with grid or
other generator, immediately we will increase the generator
load other wise the generator will take load from the other
side(grid or other generator). So the generator will run as
a motor.
to avoid these conditions,the reverse power relay will act
& trip the generator circuit breaker.

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Question { Dabur, 18288 }



Numismatics is the study or collection of currency,
including coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects.
In Latin Numisma means coins.

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