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what is "pu" in electrical engg.

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what is "pu" in electrical engg...

Answer / g.sunil kumar

Pu stands for per unit and this will be used in power
system single line diagram there it is like a huge
electrical circuit with no of componenets (generators,
transformers, loads) with different ratings (in MVA and
KV). To bring all the ratings into common platform we use
pu concept in which, in general largest MVA and KV ratings
of the component is considered as base values, then all
other component ratings will get back into this basis.Those
values are called as pu values.

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what is "pu" in electrical engg...

Answer / shalini

PU refers to per unit sysytem

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what is "pu" in electrical engg...

Answer / mahmud

the per unit value of any quantity is defined as the ratio
of the quantity to it's base value es pressed as decimal.

p.u=actual value/base value

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what is "pu" in electrical engg...

Answer / murali

the pu system simply th concept in electrical engg. once
the base value is defined, we can easily visualise each
this makes the calculation very simple.

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