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Qualcomm Interview Questions
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What is the difference between a stub and a skeleton?

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How does Vbe and Ic change with temperature?


How is the non-periodic nature of the input signal handled?

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Is the Gibbs phenomenon ever a factor?

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how should we start our self introduction.what is the sequence should we after our name then what we have to say.

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Design a circuit for A + abs(B) = C, where A and B are 4 bits wide and 2?s complement representation

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Design a circuit to detect when 3 and only 3 bits are set out of 8 bits.(eg. o0101100)

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There are 2 Flip_Flop with logic between them. Given Clock to Q delay, logic prop. delay, set up and hold times specify maximum clock frequency of system. What happens if second output fed back to first input. Any changes? What happens with timing if second output is fed back to logic between the flops? Good Luck!

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Write an implementation of “float stringToFloat(char *str).” The code should be simple, and not require more than the basic operators (if, for, math operators, etc.). • Assumptions • Don’t worry about overflow or underflow • Stop at the 1st invalid character and return the number you have converted till then, if the 1st character is invalid return 0 • Don’t worry about exponential (e.g. 1e10), instead you should treat ‘e’ as an invalid character • Write it like real code, e.g. do error checking • Go though the string only once • Examples • “1.23” should return 1.23 • “1a” should return 1 • “a”should return 0

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how to debug the report?

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What is the difference b/n any GPOS and RTOS?Give suitable examples or characteristic of RTOS to support your answer. What changes can be done in a GPOS to make it work like a RTOS? What basic features will you support, if you have to design a RTOS?

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Given n nodes. Find the number of different structural binary trees that can be formed using the nodes.

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1.find the second maximum in an array? do you create hash table in c? 3.what is hash collision

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1.write a program to merge the arrays 2.write efficient code for extracting unique elements from a sorted list of array?

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What are LAPD and LAPDm?

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