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1.What is wind span ,wight span and normal span, and what is the difference for 132kv transmission .

1.What is wind span ,wight span and normal span, and what is the difference for 132kv transmission ...

Answer / hanupowergrid

*The wind span is that on which the wind is assumed to act transversely on the conductors and is taken as half the sum of the two spans, adjacent to the support.In order to take full advantage of towers located on elevated ground, it is usual to allow a wind span of 10 to 15 percent in excess of
the normal span. This additional strength can be used in taking a samll angle of deviation on an intermediate tower, where the actual wind span is less than the design wind span. The angle of deviation to be taken in such cases is approximately given by:

θ =( wl /π T )x x180

Where w = total ind load per unit run of span length of all conductor
carried by the tower,
l = difference between the wind span used for design and the actual
wind span, and
T = the total maximum working tension of all conductors carried by the

*The weight span is the horizontal distance between the lowest point of the conductors, on the two spans adjacent to the tower . The lowest point is defined as the point at which the tangent to the sag curve, or to the sag curve produced, is horizontal. The weight span is used in the design of cross-arms.

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