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you are plaining for a major (workers) layoff. what action plans will you take and
put in place"

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you are plaining for a major (workers) layoff. what action plans will you take and put in place&qu..

Answer / kathir

After discussig with the management about the layoff
reasons. Picturise few points which will not affect the
management and Employees. Some of them are,
1.Stating clearly to the employees about the present market.
2.Explain the comittments of the organization of not having
any more business.
3.Take rest for 3 months to relax urself, as we are not
provide such kind of opportunity to you.
4.Plan accordingly and suggest ur comments to the
management regarding the market conditions, to prevail this
effect in future.
5.If u r not interested with the above points, come and
work for the company and not for you (i.e not to be paid
for three months).
6.This time we really struggle a lot and we are not forget
ur effort towards the growth of the company. So once if we
recovered from Recession, you will be paid for your
7.It will helpful to identify the loyal employees, who
really want to contribute for the company and the employees
confident about the recovery of market conditions.

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you are plaining for a major (workers) layoff. what action plans will you take and put in place&qu..

Answer / amar

what u stated above is right but alongwith that u should
see the compliance part also.
1. i will tell the all employee about current market
2. i will tell them what financial burden organisation will
facing in coming time?
3. i will explain exact causes of lay-off with stastical
4. i will give notices of lay-off according to I D Act-
5. i will find low performer and problem employee for such
lay- off.
6. i will come with compensation for laid off.
7. i will make register of them .
8. then i will ensure them for employment after bad patch,
that they will prefered.

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you are plaining for a major (workers) layoff. what action plans will you take and put in place&qu..

Answer / guest

If it is retrenchment, there are countries that would
require some legal requirements like applying with the
concerned government agency for retrenchment and following
the required process and period. If the company is
considering a major lay-off, it must be undertaken with the
proper legal process. The major lay-off must be clearly
explained to the people and make them understand why there
is such a move.

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