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Is there any particular Act of section which shows the Basic
salary calculation

Is there any particular Act of section which shows the Basic salary calculation..

Answer / m.s.baig

First of all while calculating the any remuneration to any employee two things must be observed, one is salary, second is wages. Salary is generally paid on monthly basis to those are permanent employees of any organisation which are above the MINIUMUM WAGES. Wages are paid to workmen generally engaged on daily wage rate and all state governments will issue minimum wages go to paid. your just time minimum wages in Google. There is menthod of calculation floated by GOVT consumer rate formula. the basic STRUCTURE OF SALARY IS(( BASIC(MINIMUM RATE OF pay SCALE)+DA+HR+CCA+CONVEYANCE+MEDICAL+BONUS+ANY OTHER PERKS)) THEN LESS ((EPF+ESI+LOANS+IT+ANY OTHER DEDUCTIONS) all are calculated on defined percentages, this all in brief

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