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1. “A well – thought out orientation program is
especially important for employees who have had little or
no work experience.” – Comment.

1. “A well – thought out orientation program is especially important for employees who have ha..

Answer / nandhini

The main reasons orientation programs fail:

1. The program was not planned.
2. The employee was unaware of the job requirements.
3. The employee does not feel welcome.

All new employees should complete a new employment
orientation program that is designed to assist them in
adjusting to their jobs and work environment and to instill
a positive work attitude and motivation at the onset.

A thoughtful new employee orientation program can reduce
turnover and save an organization thousands of dollars. One
reason people change jobs is because they never feel
welcome or part of the organization they join. The most
important principle to convey during an orientation is
commitment to continuous improvement and continual
learning. That way, new employees become comfortable with
asking questions to obtain the information they need to
learn, problem solve and make decisions.

A well thought out orientation process takes energy, time
and commitment, however it usually pays off for the
individual employee, the department, and the organization.
One such example is Mecklenburg County's (North Carolina)
success in revamping its employee orientation program, to
live up to its credo of employees being the organization's
greatest resource. In 1996, as part of a larger initiative
to redesign services to meet customer needs, the
Mecklenburg County Human Resources Department staff made a
smart decision- they viewed new employees as part of their
customer base and asked their customers what they wanted.

Employees were asked what they wanted and needed from
orientation. They were also asked what they liked and
didn't like about orientation. New employees were asked
what they wanted to know about the organization.
Additionally, the organization's senior management were
asked what they believed was important for employees to
learn when joining the county payroll.

Using feedback collected from employees, Mecklenburg's HR
training staff first realized that meeting employees' needs
required more than a half day session. Trusting employee
feedback, the trainers crafted a one-day orientation that
gave employees what they said they wanted and what senior
management believed employees needed to know. Essentially,
the mix includes the topics that lack excitement-W-2s and
various policies and procedures-but it also includes
details that let the employee know something about the

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