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  • Vijai Electricals interview questions (17)
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Vijai Electricals Interview Questions
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what is coping?

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what is LIBOUR

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what is crisil?what is the advantage of crisil rating?


what is accounting standard?

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testing of transformer

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Name different types of fault and which instrument is used to measures earth,short,open cicuit fault?

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what is the function of breather in a transformer

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how can i settled as a hr in your company?


Why the transformers are rated in kva?

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what is stray loss in transformer?

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what is impedance of transformer?

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Can I use less voltage cable for neutral, since the voltage of return path is zero ideally?

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Definition of grid?

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Why Govt. Have Need of WCT.

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difference between dol and rdol startors?

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7. Performs the services right first time


How to Calculate Current Rating of SDFU (Switch Disconnector Fuse unit) for Protectionof Capacitor Bank connected to Busbar of 800Amp,in LV side of 11/0.433KV, 250KVA Transformer?


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Vijai Electricals Interview Questions
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