how to calculate cable size by amp

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how to calculate cable size by amp..

Answer / kuttivenu

Based on the Total load & Votage drop

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how to calculate cable size by amp..

Answer / er. ankush miglani 9718151073

a. cu cable: 1 sqmm=5amp
b. al cable: 1sqmm=1.5amp

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how to calculate cable size by amp..

Answer / riyadh

how we calculate for 25 amps Al cable given example

from ur point of view 16 Al cable is enough for the
25 Amps

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how to calculate cable size by amp..

Answer / soumendasbiswas

Fist Calculate the Full load current..then assume some
derating factor...nd evaluate that current..then check that
current with ny reputed cable makers manual(Havells,Pollycab)
to get the actual cable size

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how to calculate cable size by amp..

Answer / pavan

It depends on the total load and voltage

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how to calculate cable size by amp..

Answer / robins

Cable calculation is based on the following factors:
1.Total current based on the peak load(total connected .
2.Cable length
3.Type of cable using(get from manual of cable manufactures)
4.Ambient temperature(normally 28 degrees)

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how to calculate cable size by amp..

Answer / azhar

cable size is calculated depending up on load ..for example
1 kw load takes 1.8 amps current..if the load is 5kw..than
9amp is the current for amp current the selection cable size
can be opted on the basis of manufature detial like
havells,polly cab..have the range of cable for certain
amount of current we have to selected the cable size on the
basis of manufacture range sheet

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how to calculate cable size by amp..

Answer / patson

Another factor in dxeciding on a cable size is where it
will be laid i.e in air, in soil, in ducts, on cable
containment ect

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how to calculate cable size by amp..

Answer / kartick bango

Basically cable size is calculated depend Load & lenth. But
so many Place & area are also depend by temprature & low
Voltage for example Server Room

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how to calculate cable size by amp..

Answer / bharat

Total current based on the peak load(total connected .

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