what is the difference between cable routing and scheduling?

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what is the difference between cable routing and scheduling?..

Answer / victorvgp

In general cable routing doc. shows inf. about how cables
are routed in cable trays, trenches and duct banks.

Whereas, cable schedule shows inf. about the specification
of cables along with the inf. listed at the end.

cable routing - cable routing cross section layout (or)
cable routing layout

In cable routing cross section layout, cross section of a
particular [DBE(Electrical Duct Bank)/CTE(Electrical Cable
Trench)] is showned, which shows the actual dimensions of
DBE/CTE and how the cables are arranged as per the type
(LV/MV), requirement and sequence.

Cable shedule is of two types one is Internal Cable
Schedule and External Cable Schedule.

In this doc. inf. of cables run inside the
substations such as Transformer to Busbar, Busbar to Switch
board like that.,

In this doc. inf. of cables run outside the
substation such as from Switch board to LDB, Switch board
to Equipment/LCS like that.,

The following inf. are available in cable schedule:
1. Cable id no.
2. From which equipment/SB
3. To which equipment/SB
4. Substation No.
5. Unit no.
6. Cable type(cu/xlpe/swa)
7. Cable voltage[.6/1]or[3.6/6(7.2)]
8. Remarks(inf. about work nature of cable) etc.,

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what is the difference between cable routing and scheduling?..

Answer / udayak25

s, Victor is 100% correct.

in short -
cable routing is a drawing which shows how cables are to be

cable schedule document shows the cable specifications like-
resistance, cumulative resistance, length, terminations etc.

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what is the difference between cable routing and scheduling?..

Answer / suni

Victorvgp good answer
Do u know when connector is used both end how cabel is
if U KNOW MAIL to suni_sa2003@yahoo.co.in

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what is the difference between cable routing and scheduling?..

Answer / purushothaman.m


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