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Hindalco Interview Questions
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Railway recruitment board (Chennai) Junior Engineer recruitment examination 2006 & 2005 question papers.

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please send me the RRB model question paper for section engineer

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. In which respect have the Centre-State relations been specifically termed as ‘municipal relations’? (a) Centre’s control of the State in the legislative sphere (b) Centre’s control of the State in financial matter (c) Centre’s control of the state in the administrative sector (d) Centre’s control of the state in the planning process

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What is ment by Onsite and Offshore Project.can any 1 explain me.

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plz get me the placement paper for the hindalco industries Ltd. plz mail it on

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plz get me the placement paper for the hindalco industries Ltd. plz mail it on

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give narration of cash----a/c---Dr To cash

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How to calculat the size of copper& aluminium wire ?

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why synchronization done in clockwise direction?

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What you mean by blue chip companies?

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give narration of cash----a/c---Dr To cash

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Dear Sir, I am Mani, I have applied chennai rrb for Jr. engr. II Elect. Dept. Post, I need Model Question Paper last 5 year Thanks and regards Mani


why u want to join indian army?

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hi can you give any body fault level calculation, generator fault level calculation,transformer fault level calculation for system fault level with equation? i have 3.3kv generation voltage three gas gen sets, one is 1.9MW,2nd is 2.5MW,& 3rd is 3.8MW & i have 11 kv generation voltage one gas gen sets is 3.8MW, we are step up to 22kv by transformer

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Write a C program to print 1 2 3 ... 100 without using loops?

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