What is the normal earth resistance?

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Answer / anand

bwlow 1 ohm

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Answer / anilram

for perfect earting it should be zero ohms. for pratically
at site it 1-5 ohms . in large substations the should be
below one ohm

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Answer / seth roosevelt dabri

it is between o - 0.5 ohms in large substations the should be
below one ohm

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Answer / sreenu


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Answer / jan

No fixed rule. depends upon site. better keep it as low as
possible else high touch/step voltage

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Answer / syed qamar abbas

The ideal value of earth resistance allowed is 1 ohm or less
for equipment's body earthing or grounding like generator,
Main distribution boards , motors etc. On other hand the
value of earth resistance allowed for lightning protection
system is 10 ohms (ideal)

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Answer / bilal descon

1 ohm is ideal, but thats depend from place to place.
Near desert ares its more up to 20 ohm, but normally
betweem 0 to 25 ohm is acceptable

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Answer / sethu

perfect earth value - 1.5 ohm
lighting arrest earth value - 1.7 ohm

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Answer / anubhav gupta

Resistance of earth should be zero but it can't possible. however, according to NFPA &IEEE the resistance of earth is 5 our less

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Answer / giridhar

it is between 25-30ohms when soil is dry.when the soil is
wet it falls to below 4.

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