As an engineer, what u should do when the construction of a
building doesn't meet the required specifications?

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Answer / narendra

a. If building is underconstruction
1. see if errors are seviour or not
if yes do reconciliation with experts
if not anlyse losses and make possible
2. if errors are serious reconstruct entire part or
whole but at any cost do not leave as it is. you can re
embers cost from others but not at the cost of structure
and human life which are supposed to dwel in it in future.
b. If building is complete
1. check the errors, whether are with immidiate
affect to stability of structure, if errors are serious
find solution with experts and immidiately do needful with
SOS situation.
2 if errors are causing no immidiate effect like
leakages, crcks, loose tiles etc. do reconciliation and get
the problem solved.
Any way, on top priority see that specification errors are
not affecting structural stability and then functional
stability and lastly aesthetic sence of the structure, in
nut shell.

2. If errors are not so serious

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Answer / vpmohapatra

first of all i should look into the areas where the problem
has occured.Then i should look at all the calculations and
find the solution.

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Answer / rqn

if you are with the inspection team, the proper way is to
deduct the cost of the item involve based on the gravity of
damage, however, you have also to consider on the effect of
the item involve with respect to the time element in
completing the project and the structural stability.

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Answer / mohd.younus ali , je (pr )

An engineer is not the one who doesn't commit mistakes but
An engineer is the one who rectifies the defects in
efficient manner.

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Answer / saravanan

If the specififcations not satisfied, to dismantled the
poor quality areas and the repair work has been done for
that area which will be appropriate for the construction.

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Answer / ramir v. agustin

Pinpoint areas of non conformity and find solutions to meet
the standard specifications.It is the resposibility that Of
QC personells to conduct tests and inspections during the
process of construction to ensure conformity.

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Answer / ramir v. agustin

Do corrective action on areas with non conformance and
ensure quality standards and specifications are
complied.Keep records of the cause of the problem and the
solutions undertaken for future references.

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Answer / naveed

first of all problem root cause need to be identified and people responsible should be penalized .then rectification options should be be enlisted and effective way need to be adopted for correction..

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Answer / jaigopal

demolish and direct them to reconstruct.
if fisible and possible then rehabilitate the
same with guidence of expert.

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