What are types of encoders?

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What are types of encoders?..

Answer / abdul nazir

only two types of encoder
1) incremental encoder.
2) Absolute encoder. In this Absolute encoder, it had two
1. Mechanical absolute encoder
2. Optical absolute encoder.

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What are types of encoders?..

Answer / pallav raj

There is 7 types of encoder:-
(1) Rotary encoder or Shaft encoder :- An Electro-
Mechanical device which converts the angular position of
shaft or axel to an analog or digital code, making it
angular transducer.

(2) Incremental Encoder :- It is sometimes called a
relative encoder.

(3) Absolute Position encoder :- These are used to generate
an electrical signal that indicates absolute machanical
position, or an incremental mechanical movement relative to
a refrence position.

(4) Quadrature Encoder :- the most common type of
inremental encoder uses 2 output channel (A and B) to sence

(5) Linear Encoder :- it is a sensor, transducer or
readhead paired with scale that encodes position.

(6) Open Collector Encoder :- the encoder supplied is
equipped with an npn open collector configuration which if
wired direct to counter module would require the counter
module to source current.

(7) Binary Code Encoder : -

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What are types of encoders?..

Answer / praveen

types of encoder :
1) incremental encoder
2) optical encoder
3) magnetic encoder

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What are types of encoders?..

Answer / sudhakar

There are the two types encoder One is Absolute encoder and
Incrementel encoder.

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What are types of encoders?..

Answer / yasser

encoder manily consist of 2 type
1 incremental
2 absolute encoder

incremental encoder does not have the facility to save the
position value it has to start from home again when stop.

Absolute encoder have the facility to save the position
value were it stop and start again were it stop.

both have 3 wire one for supply second for ground and 3rd
for pulses

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What are types of encoders?..

Answer / vinod

mainly two types of encoder:-
1-Absolute rotary encoder:-
a-Mechanical absolute encoders
b-Optical absolute encoders

2-Incremental rotary encoder

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What are types of encoders?..

Answer / karthi.r

Absolute encoder:
Will measure the position of a shaft for single rotation.
the same shaft angle will produce same reading.
# Output of encoder is gray code or binary code.

Incremental encoder: (relativ encoder)
Will give two output pulse, that can be used to measure
the displacement.
# logic gates and software used to determine rotation
and count pulses to determine the displacement. the
velocity can be determined time between the pulses.

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What are types of encoders?..

Answer / mahesh

main 3 type
1) Absoulate encoder

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What are types of encoders?..

Answer / mahesh

1) Absoulate encoder


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What are types of encoders?..

Answer / shailendra

There are four types of encoder-
1) priority encoder
2) decimal to bcd encoder
3) octal to binary encoder
4) hexa decial to binary encoder

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