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How to find earthfault location in long cable layed
underground or outside.

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How to find earthfault location in long cable layed underground or outside...

Answer / k.prakashchandra

There is an equipment to locate fault ,or you have to resort to loop test

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How to find earthfault location in long cable layed underground or outside...

Answer / santoshvarma

You can find the faulted location with the help of multimeter.

Measure the capacitance at both the ends,between faulted
phase with respect to earth.
For one end if it is C1 and for other end it is C2. And
total length of cable is L and Capacitance is C.

Then by using the below formula, you can find the faulted


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How to find earthfault location in long cable layed underground or outside...

Answer / rax

transverse nature of waves is utilised to find the location of fault.when a high dc voltage is superimposed on a signal it becomes a wave. now this wave is given a velocity of 67.5meters/microseconds for 11kv cable and 80 meters/microseconds for 33 kv cables. at the open end the voltage is doubled and the wave is reflected .the time taken by this wave to reach the source is noted and the distance is calculated.

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