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what should be the components of a fair policy with regard
to collecting, maintaining, and dissemination information
about employees?

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What is ERM?

2 Answers  

how to answer the question tel me about your project

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what is the HR Metrics?

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Could you please advice me regarding various mails pattern in various scanarios

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From a strategic perspective, how can senior management make the best use of the human resorce function?

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What control mechanisms might be most appropriate to ensure that action plans match targeted needs?

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i am going to attend an interview for the hr job so please guide me what questions i am going to expect in the time of interview and how i haveto answer.

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What screening and selection methods are available, and which ones are most accurate? Explain.

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Please clarify the job description of Training Co-ordinator?

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Who decides the strategy…HR head, CEO, Compensation committee?

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hi, I have received the call letter cum attestation form for the interview,and I have doubts regarding one qualification certificates i am B. Tech in IT so in the qualification should i write graduation or others?plz help me out.

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what is recruitment,objective,function,process,duties,kinds etc

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