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difference btween inbound marketing and outboung marketing

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difference btween inbound marketing and outboung marketing..

Answer / ravish malhotra

Inbound marketing is that marketing which is to be done in
organisation for their employees bcoz to know the product
very well nd they'll put their heart nd soul in making
product better in the eyes of the consumers and outbound
marketing is that marketing which is to done in market for
getting customers.

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difference btween inbound marketing and outboung marketing..

Answer / jayaprabhu

The Inbound and Outbound marketing. I think its a telecomm

Inbound Marketing : Where the Customer call to call center
for which Call center will get the bill .Hence we are
having the many Inbound call center to handle your company

example : 1-800-nnnn-nnnn

nnnn=any numbers

OutBound Marketing: Where in the customer will be billed
for the Call .

example : Your own phone lines

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