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T3 Softwares Interview Questions
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How do you plan to acheive targets assigned to you for a perticular period?


How will you justify your Cost to Company?

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What is Joomla?

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If Selected, What will be your first Task as a Marketing Executive?

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What is Fuzzy Logic? Where do You implement it?

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How are Variables Defined in PHP?

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Give any ten basic functions in PHP?

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What is the Difference between AJAX and Javascript?

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What is the difference between Joomla and Drupal?

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In which folder are Java Applications stored in Apache?

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If a company X selects you there and then itself and you join the company, After 15 days Company Y (a bigger company than X) who you had earlier given an Interview asks you to join them, and also offer you a bigger salary and Incentives, What will you do?

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What will you prefer a better work enviornment or better salary package?

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What is the difference between JSP and Servlet?

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How is a Java Web Application deployed on a server?

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Why is WEB.XML file used?

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T3 Softwares Interview Questions
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