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Brigade Interview Questions
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What is IPO?

16 19507

What are GAAP?

7 9988

What are FSMO Roles? List them

10 60434

What kind of salary do you need?

27 40428

what u know about our company?

2 9485

why u join the genpact co,

37 52416

how to attract the HR person and give me tips

23 31902

how many hard disk drives are there

31 28116

tell me about ur self

53 69801

What is the frequency range used for Bluetooth in Europe and United States?

2 7393

Sir, I need to do my certification course for .NET. Will u provide me the information of how to prepare for the certification test. And also specify me the online books that is useful in studing for .NEt platform

3 7593

what do you expect from a company if you get hired?

5 10221

Tell me 2 minutes about traffic hyderabad ?

48 194357

How many hardisks can you connect to a IDE?

7 5443

What are the features of Internet explorer 7.0?

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Un-Answered Questions

i have chines vehicle Grand Tiger now its AC compressor become jam what should i do i have not found new in market


Which method is used to search better by learning? a) Best-first search b) Depth-first search c) Metalevel state space d) None of the mentioned


If we have a repeated record in a table. But the repeated record how i can transfer from table to nested table?


What is the use of popen and pclose?


What do we need to build a quality QC team ? a QC manager with all junior QCs or a QC manager with all senior QCs?


How can you check whether a record is valid record or Invalid record using ADO control or Object?


What steps have you taken to link these divers to your team's compensation?


Did you work on Transportation,what are the major settings for the transportation ?


where is the mycoplasma form from?


write test case for gmail sign up page ?


what is the relationship between current&voltage in practical purpose ?


What is Spawn Threshold? 


which fault is severe and why?between lll fault and lllg fault which fault is severe and y?


We have got some values for Field F1 say 1,2,3,4 and F2 say 10,10,10,10.Now can you tell me what would be the output for F1 if we use At End Of event?and what would be the output for F2 if we use At Last event?Also i want to know what is the difference between Total calculation for At end event and grand total for At last event???


please explain every phase in the "SDLC" in the dotnet.


Brigade Interview Questions
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