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Brigade Interview Questions
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What is IPO?

16 19345

What are GAAP?

7 9889

What are FSMO Roles? List them

10 60257

What kind of salary do you need?

27 39955

what u know about our company?

2 9395

why u join the genpact co,

37 51962

how to attract the HR person and give me tips

23 31596

how many hard disk drives are there

31 27844

tell me about ur self

53 69359

What is the frequency range used for Bluetooth in Europe and United States?

2 7307

Sir, I need to do my certification course for .NET. Will u provide me the information of how to prepare for the certification test. And also specify me the online books that is useful in studing for .NEt platform

3 7519

what do you expect from a company if you get hired?

5 10141

Tell me 2 minutes about traffic hyderabad ?

48 192408

How many hardisks can you connect to a IDE?

7 5377

What are the features of Internet explorer 7.0?

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Un-Answered Questions

you have 8 yrs exp y ur not applyed big possition


can i direct payment made t code f-53 to bsnl agst telephone exp.? or 1st create a/c.of bsnl and book in fb60 then payment made whose correct?


can anyone send me the written test paper of Indian oil corporation ltd. My email id is


are BS, BSP, BSW threads same?


we have 15 ampere variyac but we want 30 ampere variyac what we do


can you change the attribute in mapset? if so how?


What is the difference between Balance Sheet , Chart Of Accounts and trial Balance?


Describe the SmsManager class in android.


why the head portion of the screw jack (which carries the load when not rotating) is made hollow?


give comparison of three wire & two wire sensors.


What is the number of IS code of practice to be followed for hydraulic design of sewerage pipe line?


What is the requirement to give RFlow when using RID detector?


This was asked to me recently in Microsoft interview How would you do DOS copy command testing


Can you drag and drop existing SQL structures directly onto a form?


Is it important for Hadoop MapReduce jobs to be written in Java?


Brigade Interview Questions
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