7. A resistance of 30 ohm is connected across 240v supply. If a resistance R ohm is connected in parallel with 30ohm resistor across the same supply, the current drawn becomes triple of original one The unknown resistor R is

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How we can defined theecopper cable size if we know the aluminium cable size?

0 Answers   Cummins,

sir please send me previous year questions of jspl of electrical section through which i could prepare myself fpr the test.

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how  do you choose the cable size as per amps rating & the voltage drop for the same.

0 Answers   C&W,

why the blede and jow of isoletor demage in substation?explan.

1 Answers  

how to calculate the ac and dc wire losses with calculations plz tell me

3 Answers   Apollo,

If 110V DC Coil Contactor taken 15ma DC on load,than how much AC current wil be taken?

0 Answers   Lafarge, Shree Cement,

requirements for making parallel operation of Uninterrupted power supply

2 Answers   Emerson,

why Ac current is alternating in nature?(or)why alternating current changes its direction?

3 Answers   APGenco,

what is meaning of sympathetic tripping with respect to relays and give the values for current carrying capacities for copper and aluminium cables from 16sq mm to 500sq mm

1 Answers  

How to work definite,over pluxing,revers power,OSR relay

0 Answers   Ford,

What is the value of system voltage?

2 Answers   Bhel,

how to calculation increase capacitor,increase power factor for three phase.

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