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Welspun Interview Questions
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What are the disadvantages of Business Area.

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what is the meaning of (ss),in the following phrase? Bio Technology(ss) what is the use of this course?

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How can i bypass websence to open the restricted sites?

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what is critical speed of a turbine

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what is the weight of 8mm dia steel with 1 meter length. Is there any formula to calculate the weight for any given diameter

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What is the full form of MIRO and MIGO?

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How can we calculate ngr resistance for a generator and Transformer ? What type of transformer requires ngr ?

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a)If column dimensions are 250*400mm , what will be cutting length for 8mm stirrups and how to calculate it? b) If beam dimensions are 200*400mm , beam coveris 25mm , slab cover is 20mm , what will be the cutting length for stirrups? c)Column dimensions are 250*400mm , reinf. is 12nos. bar of 16mm dia , stirrups provided are two legged, what will be the length of each ring? Regards

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If the capacitor feeder is switched ON without any load, is there any display in the ammeter at the incomer?

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how can i get elcctrical supervisor license & Certificate of competancy in gujarat? i have completed my B.E (Electrical) course from gujarat.

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what is the difference between star connected and delta connected motors

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What is the function of NGR for the parallel operation of alternator? whats happen when different rating of alternator are running with parallel?


what is differences between singal acting and double action valve

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What is power transformer?

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