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Ho de we calculate the line loss of a 500 kv line over

Ho de we calculate the line loss of a 500 kv line over 1000km...

Answer / wareagle

You waould calculate loss as you do with any electrical

Loss = I²R

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What will happened if the neutral of secondary of Xformer ( Star point) Note it's above KVA rated Xformer

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what is the effect of connecting three phase supply lines to three phase auto transformer output terminals through a fuse of 10Amp and a circuit breaker (MCB). Is this connection permanently destroy the transformer?

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can you plz send l&t aptitude questions if available its urgent plz plz plz

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What is the difference between earthing & neutral.

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What does the term power factor shows?

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Why transformer neutral earthing? What is advantages?

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In any plant or substation main incommer voltage RY - 415 V,YB - 400 V, BR - 387 V(in commer feed from transformer 11 Kv /0.415 KV) why found voltage differance in each phase? plant have not self power plant it is depend on outsource grid

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Why induction motors draws higher current during starting condition?

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why we generally use 3.5 core cable or in other word 1/2 core for neutral and also confirm me that in balance conditiob(3 phase)current in neutral will zero

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how to calculate a cable size while load is given in amp or kw and length is also define.?

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what is "pu" in electrical engg.

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What is an Automatic Voltage Regultor & what is its use? What are the general componets we use to design an Automatic Voltage Regulator..What are the factors to be considered for its design?

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