User is not there in User master record. Then how to trace the user?

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What is Business Process? Explain about the Business Process Procure to Pay?

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How we Educated client personnel in R/3 Security and general Basis knowledge

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1.why we use derived role in sap security?2.what is the technical difference between master and derived role?

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i want to know how to list out the mass activities and mass organizational levels...

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what is SOD?

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I create one BRF+ rule and captured in TR while releasing TR , I am getting error , WHy?

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how to view the su53 screen for other users?

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how to create new authorization object?

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I want to give access to sec admin for assigning roles to users, but self assignment should not be possible . how it is?

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how do we create firefigter Id in VIRSAs VRAT

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what is role matrix

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what is analysis authorization in sap bi and how to create analysis authorization in sap bi?

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