As we know that steel is a tension member but why we are using STRUCTURE STEEL as a COLUMN (Without concrete) where column is a compression member and compression strength of steel is very low

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Approximate size of the metal use for normal concrete?

3 Answers  

I need to plaster an area of 1500 square meter. how much quantity of cement and sand need for this.?

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cement consumption per square feet in multi storeyed building

8 Answers   Dhar Associates,

How much standard bricks required for a wall of 9*1200*1200 inches

1 Answers   ABC, L&T,

manhole chamber having height of 2300 mm and thickness of brickwork is 230 mm and dia of opening covering is 560 mm and bottom length vertical is 1500 mm (1:4) brick masonry and plaster 12 mm on both to estimate the no bricks used with mortar cement bags and sand for total chamber including plaster.

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strength vs shape factor

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what is the compressive strength of concrete cube of ratio 1:6:12?

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how to caliculate required amount of cement and sand required for 1cu.m.

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How many lap joints are sufficient in column reinforcement ?

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In beams why the depth is > width

2 Answers   L&T,

What Is the Thumb rule to calculate depth and dia of pile required to carry specified load on differeent soil

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