Why High voltage are generate noise ?

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Difference between MCC and PDB

3 Answers   CDS, BARC, NINL,

in case dc we mark as + ve & -ve..but in case a.c. we mark as ph&N...Y LIKE PLZ TELL ME

4 Answers   TCS, NPTC,

how can we judge the percentage of load on the basis of temperature differences readings between WTI and OTI in a transformer

1 Answers   Toshiba,

Why in India distribution transformer are connected in Dyn11 when we know capacity of v-v connection can be increased by adding only a single transformer?

1 Answers   CSPL,

What is the name of oil which is used in transformer?

3 Answers  

When will you multiply and devide with derating factors to the actual value while sizing the cable?

0 Answers  

calculate multiplication factor of a trivector meter with line ct ratio 200/5A, line PT ratio 11000/110V and meter CT ratio 200/1A and meter pt Ratio 11000/110V.

3 Answers  

What is diffrence bitween electrical and electronics ?

4 Answers  

diff between UPS and inverter?

2 Answers  

what should be the minimum rating for using HT Motors?

1 Answers   BSL,

they conducted technica for 1 hour..i also managed..they selected 5 boys and only one girl,myself got wait listed.whether they would call or not

2 Answers   MAHINDRA,

Dear Sir/Madam, I have one questions we have three steam turbines and one Gas turbine and our industry linked with the public network, we have protection system one of the protection is reverse power we can export just four MW only i would like to ask about how to calculate the reverse power. Thank you in advance best regards

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