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What is difference between ct&pt transformers?

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What is difference between ct&pt transformers?..

Answer / subhash pandit

CT is full nane current transfar which use in meter show current & voltage for 415 volt & 220 volt limit. and PT is full name potential transfar which use in meter show volt.& current for 11kv.

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What is difference between ct&pt transformers?..

Answer / hassan butt

CT current transformer & PT potential transformer is used for measuring & protection of electrical devices.

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What is difference between ct&pt transformers?..

Answer / azhakesh

current transformer is a device used to measure the current directly beyond 220v and potential transformer is for measure voltage both are instrumental transformer.It is used to isolate the secondary current. It can used as an relay for protection purpose

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What is difference between ct&pt transformers?..

Answer / murali karri

CT is a step up instrument T/F. Its primary is conected in series with load line and secondary winding is conected to 5amp ammeter.

PT is a step down instrument T/F. Its primary is conected in parellel with load lines and secondary winding is conected to 110V voltmeter.

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