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what is called star connection and delta connection also
purpose of this connections?

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what is called star connection and delta connection also purpose of this connections?..

Answer / dinesh

star & delta connection is done in 3 phase AC supply
system . In star conn. there is three phase & one neutral
terminal whereas in delta only three phase terminal is

in star conn. resistance is more because two coils having
in series.
in delta conn. resistance is less because two coils having
in parallel with third coil.

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what is called star connection and delta connection also purpose of this connections?..

Answer / amol moon

In star conection Line voltage= Root3.Phase voltage, and
Line current=phase current, and Nutral is usedfull to
stable to voltage.
In Delta conection Line voltage=Phase voltage, and Line
current= Root3.phase current.when single phasing in delta
he worked v connection and incresed heatting.

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what is called star connection and delta connection also purpose of this connections?..

Answer / vamsi krishna

Star and Delta Connections are more importantly give
priority in electrical studies as they are the key
techniques to transmit, distribute and supply power. As the
power developed is in poly phase(mostly 3-ph), the Delta
connections are used to Transmit power in Bulk amount from
remote station and Star connection is used to distribute the
transmitted power as it has got neutral in it.

In poly phase System, Star-delta conversions are done so
that transmission and distribution is made possible with
less losses and more power viz Pdelta= 3 X Pstar.

Similar way losses are 3times in star than delta.

Seeing from harmonics point, both have their own imperatives.

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