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difference between buscoupler & bussection?

difference between buscoupler & bussection?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

Bus coupler - buses are in parallel , Bus section - in series

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The error in a single phase energy meter where pressure coil lags behind applied voltage by 88 degrees and pf is 1) upf 2).5lag

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What are the types of windings present in the ceiling fan? What winding will be effective first when we started the fan?What are the resistance and inductance ratios comparatively at the initial speed and full speed of the fan?

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How dc generators direction can be reversed ??

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what is the maximum genarating voltage in india?

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what is the function of bearing in dc mchine" and where it is placed

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Q. calculate the value of the resistor to be connected in series with a 100W; 230V lamp so that the wattage of the lamp is reduced to 35W

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how to calculate capacitor rating for an induction transformer ex.for 12 mva furnace calculate capacitor rating

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Why PT burnts?

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Why we use Delta connection in the secondary side of a High Voltage transformer?

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In case of 11kV dual delta bank what are the recommended protections with specific CT / VT requirements? The capacitor bank is to be connected to the main 11kV switchgear from where the H.V.Motors and auxiliary 440V loads.

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what is the apt definition for kirchoff's current and voltage laws?

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