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what are the major duties
of a instrumentation
engineer in a power plant.?

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what are the major duties of a instrumentation engineer in a power plant.?..

Answer / kashan

There is difference between Instrument Engineer & Instrument Technician.. but Engineer must be a good technician ... As an engineer your responsibilities are to trace the fault , trouble shoot it asap. you must have strong grip on instruments such as RTDs, Thermocouple, Sensors, PLC's, Transmitter etc,so that you can rectify the faults.  Once fault get rectify , Engineer major responsibility is to prepare a report and forward it to Manager whoever is your senior.

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what are the major duties of a instrumentation engineer in a power plant.?..

Answer / clav44

To design a system where as an operator can clearly follow the function of the system to facilitate timely maintenance functions, maintain control over the operation of the system-including safe shutdowns, and prevent massive loss of life due to malfunctions and meltdowns.

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what are the major duties of a instrumentation engineer in a power plant.?..

Answer / sappy

Attaining break down.first check fuse of all auxillary supply. Then check
mechanism and all interlock such as differnt switch .controller
measuring equipments.Al and DI DO

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