What is the difference of time between two consecutive injections in HPLC?

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What is the difference of time between two consecutive injections in HPLC?..

Answer / fionahu

There are several reasons for the time difference between two consecutive injections in HPLC. Based on Van Deemter equation, the plate height is dependent on the linear velocity of the mobile phase , multiple path effects ( eddy diffusion), longitudinal diffusion, and mass transfer between mobile phase and stationary phase. All of these factors above could result in peak broadening in LC chromatogram, which shows as elution time differences between different injection of the same samples.

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What is the difference of time between two consecutive injections in HPLC?..

Answer / suresh

theare are two consecutive injcetors in HPLC. auto
injection, manual injection.

in auto injcection the samples are placed in tray its
having 100 above vials holes, where that saples are placed.

in manual the samples are injected buy syrangy in vials

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