General Chemistry Interview Questions
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Why is it dangerous to have a coal fire burning with doors and windows closed ?

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Why does a diamond cut glass?

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Why is the sea water saline ?

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Why it is advised to boil water before drinking ?

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Why is the percentage of oxygen today the same as it was thousands years ago, even though the whole world inhals it?

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Why would we all suffocate, if all the green plants were killed ?

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Why are substances like caustic soda and calcium chloride called hygroscopic substances ?

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Why is sodium preserved in kerosene oil ?

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Why is a newly made quit warmer than an old one ?

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What causes smoke to curl up into the air ?

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Why does a dog hang out his tongue, when it is hot ?

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Why dies thermos flask keep a hot liquid hot and a cold liquid cold ?

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Why does oil thrown on rough sea make it calmer ?

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Why is heat more oppressive on a damp hot day ?

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Why is dew formed more readily on clear nights than on cloudy ones ?

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What happens when the excess of stannous chloride is not removed


Mention a few advantages of photoelectric colorimetric determination.


What are the factors that affect the viscosity of a liquid?


Why is the indicator eriochrome black(ebt) shows wine red color at the beginning and blue color at the end?


What is the unit of ph?


Write the chemical formula for epsom salts?


Mention a few application of cod test in environmental engineering practice.


What is weak acid?


What is the composition of ferroin?


Fresh form of water is obtained from?


Mention the different types of conductivities.


How are specific gravity and density related?


Write the structural formula for edta.


Explain extraction of ephedrine from a mineral block?


Why is glass electrode called an ion selective electrode?