Inorganic Chemistry Interview Questions
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Explain why SiCl4 reacts with H2O but CCl4 does not?

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What modification is required for the atomic theory in order to explain the existence of isotopes, and modern view of atomic nuclei and electrons?


What are common snowflake shapes?


Explain how the structures of clays allows permanent cation exchange?

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what method would be used to soften water on a large scale?

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what is Redox reaction?

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How chromium hydroxide shows amphoteric character?

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what is the use of Flame emission spectroscopy?

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How would you use a colorimetre to find the concentration ofgreen complex ion in solution?

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why NO2 can be considered as a catalyst in the formation of HCHO?

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what is polymerization?

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How many moles of sodium hydrogen phosphate can be prepared from 3 mol of sodium hydroxide and phosphoric acid?


What are the products of the neutralization reaction between hydrochloric acid & magnesium hydroxide?

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Give lewis dot structure for HBrO4?

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what is an example of Transuranium element?

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What is the easiest, (Less compound mixtures, basically), way to make coca.. ;)


there is something which we call as the basicity of an acid i wanted to ask is that is there something like the basicity of an alkali if yes than how can we define it?


In pickling process of titatium with HCL . how to know if the acid is not effective after pickling several batch. is there any test to know it. (not practically)


For water content determination, if the material is insoluble in methnaol and ethylene glycol mono methyl ether, what other diluent can we use.


what is meant if aluminium sulfate contains 30% basicity?


what is silicon chip


composition of stainless steel


composition of german silver


what is the significance of control of absorbance in UV?


write short note on steroids,terpenes,prostagladins,and phospholipids.


How many moles of sodium hydrogen phosphate can be prepared from 3 mol of sodium hydroxide and phosphoric acid?


How Many grams of solid iodine are produced by the decomposition of 25.4g of hydrogen iodine gas?


Why ammonia is used as buffer solution in estimation of copper by EDTA method


Comosition of bell metal


composition of gun metal