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NA Interview Questions
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Difference between Function and Stored Procedure?

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What is a NOLOCK?

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What is the use of DBCC commands?

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What is Virtual Keyword?

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How short circuit MVA(Fault MVA) in a power system calculated for calculating number of earth plates ?


For 150 mtr cable run from DCS panel to transmitter (24 VDC with 4-20 ma output), need cable size. 1.5 sqmm is suitable?

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Home furniture sold goods to Jhon for 150000 on 10th march 2015, due to damage occured in transmit rs 20000 worth of goods have been returned on 16th march 2015. What is the journal entry for both the instances ?

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Which is the Best Training Institute for Oracle Financials & Fusion Financials in Hyderabad?

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Who is the best faculty for selenium in twin cities (Hyderabad/secundrabad)

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Briefly describe how three types of page tables works and compare their benefits.


How to select temperature of ODT in disintegration test


Dear all, Right now i am working pharmaceutical i have shifts system 10 hrs including travelling but i want get job through groups how it possible to me can you please suggest to me anyone


reverse charge applicable here and sr is liable to pay service tax 100% and service provider gives service rs 114 (inclusive tax).then tell me amount payable to service provider?

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does water content by KF will calculate only external moisture absorbed or the ligand ? (for ex copper sulphate pentahydrate)


could any help me please, how to work on visual foxpro application using UFT


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On a scale of 1 to 10 rate your proficiency in CSS, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Flash, ActionScript, HTML, DHTML.


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What methodology can be employed to locate substrings inside a string?


what is commit? : Sql dba


What is the role of spwebapplication object?


What does a decompiler do?


What is the class hierarchy in windows presentation foundation?


Why is it called the recycle bin windows?


What happens when you type ls?


say something about your school


What are the types of storage available in azure?


How do we implement bundling in MVC?


Why does one need a broker?


Does water drain counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern hemisphere?


Who are using node.js for their development?