Organic Chemistry Interview Questions
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what is lithipone?

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what is redox potential of an organic compound?

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what is saponification of oils?

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How 'salting out' process is used in extraction?

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What are geometrical isomerism? Explain them with an example?

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Mention the factors affecting solubility of compounds?

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NH2-CH2-COOH belongs to what structure?

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what are ligases?which type of reactions they will catalyse?

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what happens when aminoacids react with alcohols?

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what is the difference between coordinate covalent bond and covalent bond?

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what are the 4 classes of unsaturated fatty acids?

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Which is useful in the manufacture of Insectisides?

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The Name Benzene was Proposed By?

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Number of Sigma Bonds Present in Benzene are same as ..?


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Which one of the Following is not Aromatic? 1)Cyclotetrane 2)Benzene 3)Napthalene 4)Anthracene

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how to prepare the 0.001M tio2


What is the Difference Between 3M KCL and 4M KCL, WHy We are Filling 3M KCL In electrode Instead of 4M KCL


what are stereomers? how are they classified?


What is a repartition coefficient?


What is the difference between the photochemical reaction and photo-dynamic reaction?


seminal on pyrimidine


How do you explain the different solvent power of water and other organic solvent?


wtat type quations will be sak in ongc exam?


Explain the differences between organic and inorganic chemistry?


what is stero electronic factor.2 what is steric control factor and what is product control factor


chlorination of methane is possible and a mixture of products are obtained. Is flourination and Bromination of methane is possible?


sir, what does happen ............? naphthal+benzene(or)toluee........> ?


why use of sulfuric acid in roi test in pharmaceutical industry


Is cyclotetrane aromatic?


Shall i get the model question papers for junior lecture of Andhra pradesh